Protection of the Environment Conference, Nanjing

August 1, 2019






Our colleague Antoine Pommier was one of the speakers at the conference hosted by European Union Chamber of Commerce about Environment Protection, in Nanjing.


Through the past few years, a lot of amendment of laws and administrative regulations have appeared especially regarding environmental pollution aspects from plants and factories.


The general trend is that China moves to a greener economy with more respect towards the environment. Numerous interesting and key insights about the environmental tax and laws were presented. Regarding the various solutions to face those challenges, energy efficiency and sustainability best practices were exposed through the green certification strategies.


Detailed benefits of solar roofs and their multiple applications were introduced as a way to reduce CO2 emissions, generate or sell the power to others.


To deal with internal and external noise issues, we have emphasized the interest of a smart acoustic approach. Through one of our case studies we explained all the positive results of following this process (efficiency, compliance & cost savings).


DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE would like to thank EUCCC NJ for organizing this successful event and Terao, ILUM China, PHC Advisory & Accounting and D'Andrea & Partners for their very interesting presentations !


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