ISAE University Campus in Toulouse

May 13, 2019




In cooperation with LCR Architects, DELHOM ACOUSTICS is currently working on a Learning Centre for the ISAE University Campus in Toulouse, for both SUPAERO & ENSICA engineering students.


This interactive library will have the capacity to welcome over 600 individuals, with an impressive 50,000 books at their disposal, for various educational purposes. The acoustic treatment’s performance for this project is in compliance with HQE certification, as the client requires high acoustic standards.


This will translate into calm facilities, for better focus and a muted“cocoon” effect.


Finding the right balance between ambitious acoustic performance objectives and technical/architectural choices is a common challenge which acoustic consultants face in these kind of projects.


A good example in this project is the choice of a heating system/AC with radiating panels on the ceiling, which reduces noise related nuisances compared to classic air-conditioning systems. This acoustic absorption leads to better user comfort. Acoustic consultants will therefore have to find alternative and adapted solutions that will compensate this absorption reduction, by thinking outside the box!


See you early 2021 to have a look at the final results!






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