April 2, 2019

Last week, DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE, ELEMENT PLUS & INTERNATIONAL WELL BUILDING INSTITUTE hosted a workshop dedicated to acoustics in office design. With the attendance of more than 150 people, the event attracted many designers, architects, and other participants from China and the rest of Asia, who were able to join in the discussion via the live webinar.


The conference, which showcased Element Plus’ facilities, gave the attendees the opportunity to understand why acoustic comfort is so vital to a healthy work environment, and how it can be integrated to become a true part of the design. The Element Plus project is the latest demonstration that a beautiful design (ROBART SPACES), and an optimized acoustic comfort (Delhom Acoustique), can seamlessly blend to achieve both optimized acoustic comfort and visual satisfaction.


The first part of the event focused on the importance of acoustic comfort at work and how it had been integrated to become “invisible comfort” at Element Plus, with speakers  SIYANG ZHOU, Senior associate of market solutions from the International Well Building Institute & JEAN-PHILIPPE DELHOM, Founder & CEO of Delhom Acoustique.


The presentations ended with a lively session of Q&A.


The second part included open discussions and a tour of the facilities, with most of the areas acoustically treated, while the entrance “EXPERIMENTAL SPACE” remained untouched to show the participants a first-hand experience of the difference between good acoustic comfort and no acoustic comfort.


We are proud to have been a part of the team for the Element Plus project, and are looking forward to supporting more and more innovative ideas with our acoustic expertise!  


If you would like to view the recorded webinar, please register on this link:







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