Baking in style: Luneurs Bakery and acoustic comfort

December 11, 2018



As a new addition to Shanghai’s multi-cultural food scene comes Luneurs, a stylish French bakery & ice cream maker on XingFu Road. The idea behind the Luneurs bakery, although inspired by French bakeries, brings a new concept by keeping the design simple, using wooden beams like in old French houses, and serving fresh, home-made products, for an artisan touch.


Thanks to a careful design by Hcreates, Luneurs sets a comfortable atmosphere for people who stay to satisfy their sweet-tooth. When customers come to a bakery, the primary objective is to eat good food, but it is also a place to relax, which is why designing a stress-free environment is key to this project.


One of the important elements when designing a comfortable environment is acoustic comfort, as clients tend to stay longer and spend more when they feel good. This particular bakery had an ambitious idea: having an open kitchen to show full transparency of their product.


During this project, Delhom Acoustics faced two challenges. Insulating machinery noise coming from the neighboring restaurant, while reducing noise propagation from the kitchen’s open design in the common area, to offer optimal acoustic comfort for an enhanced customer experience. We are pleased to have integrated acoustic solutions while maintaining the authentic feeling that makes this place what it is today.








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