Noise control: the perks of monitoring

November 14, 2018


Acoustic assessments of noise in the surrounding environment are usually measured by Sound Level Meters to check in just a matter of hours, for example, if an industrial site is in compliance with noise regulations.


Some situations however, require measurements to be taken over a longer period of time (from a few weeks to several months) in which case using a Noise Monitoring Device would be more suitable.


Monitoring benefits:

- Research and identification of uncommon noises

- Long term analysis for a more realistic assessment, taking into account industrial or environmental activity variations (flora, fauna,etc)

- Building site surveillance in the interest of limiting the noise level in the neighboring areas and managing the noisiest stages of construction

- Cost effective compared to traditional Sound Level Meters measurements


Monitoring features:

- 3G connection: remote communication to send recorded data and warnings

- Audio recording activated when the noise level goes beyond a set limit, in order to identify the origin of abnormal noise

- Self-sufficient energy thanks to solar powered batteries


Delhom Acoustique offers you 12 Noise monitoring devices, protecting your environment.



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