Conference : Sino-French Architectural Communication Society

November 7, 2018


Organised by the Sino-French Architectural Communication Society – SFACS , the Sixth Franco-Chinese Symposium on Sustainable Architectural and Urban Development was held on October 24th in Nanjing, China as part of the strategic cooperation plan established between the Chinese and French heads of state and the relevant committees in the field of Sustainable Development.


The panel of Chinese and French experts focused on four themes:


1.The protection and use of historic buildings

2. The insertion of the tramway in the city

3. Noise impact from urban road traffic to acoustically sensitive areas

4. Residential neighbourhoods and landscaping of the Nanjing Tangshan horticultural exhibition park


The conference invited French experts and companies to confront the study of urban development in China. DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE participated at the Round Table meeting hosted by Mr. He Liu, deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau and chief planner, where China and France discussed the issue of traffic noise control on both sides of the Nanjing's high-speed road.


China and France conducted a comparison of relevant laws and regulations in both countries and discussed topics including who is responsible for the traffic noise control, the role that government plays and how to properly resolve residents’ complaints.


DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE hope that in the future, Nanjing and French experts will have more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation.




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