Enhance the learning environment: acoustic comfort

October 26, 2018



Education is a main sector of investment, that we always try to improve.


As more and more educational facilities are looking into how they can help their students and staff feel better, DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE recently defined optimized acoustic solutions for the Wellington International College Shanghai canteen, and collaborated with ADEN, who provided the acoustic material and the installation of the acoustic system.


However, the learning environment for both teachers and students can deeply impact well-being, grades and overall productivity, but is often overlooked when a school is built.


One of the factors that plays a major role for the creation of a good learning environment, is acoustic comfort.


For example, even if the primary function of a school canteen is to delivery food to students, after a whole morning of learning or teaching, a good meal and a relaxing environment are both necessary to stay focused and efficient during the second half of the day.


Since noisy areas lead to fatigue and stress, students studying in a bad environment often find it harder to learn compared to students who are in an optimized environment. Sometimes, school canteens reach such high noise levels that workers have to wear earplugs to protect themselves from potential auditory damage.


When implementing acoustic solutions in a school canteen, we look at ways to prevent the escalation of noise levels to guarantee speech intelligibility, and simultaneously treating the room to limit noise propagation in adjacent areas.




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