Are you building or expanding an industrial site?

October 2, 2018



Predicting the future: how acoustics can save you the trouble Are you building or expanding an industrial site?


Remember to carry out an acoustic study for your projects. Acoustic consultancy can be used to predict certain factors in order to reach the following goals:

- Environmental protection (a calm neighborhood, no future noise complaints…)

- A healthy workforce (noise exposure reduction, well-being at work)


Based on project plans and data from future equipment, these studies allow the integration of the necessary insulation and acoustic absorption in the constructive systems and processes, for the successful completion of your project. (insulation reinforcement of the premises, equipment soundproofing for environmental and user protection, reverberation reduction, etc.)


Acoustic treatment solutions defined during the study phase are always cheaper than if defined at a later stage!


Why let your HSE deal with future acoustic problems when we can take care of it today?



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