Many windfarm projects we have worked for recently received the green light for their launch

August 20, 2018




Our work for the wind power industry consists of various services, which can cover the lifespan of the entire project:


-Initial audit, defining environmental noise at different times of the year (summer and winter seasons)

-Acoustic impact simulation on neighbouring areas depending on the type of windfarm and its implementation

-Offering solutions and making sure regulations are followed while minimizing production losses

-Completing calculations and adjusting solutions according to what alternative was chosen

-Finally, acceptance of work measurements are carried out in order to make sure all acoustic aspects are in compliance with regulations.

While defining acoustic solutions, two major issues are at stake: insuring a calm environment for the inhabitants nearby, and optimizing electricity production.


In addition to that, we also measure wind, acoustic power of a wind turbine, update calculations according to technological improvements since more and more older windfarms are being renovated.


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