Noise: four common issues that can be dealt with

August 13, 2018




 In today’s society, we have learned to adapt to many types of inconveniences encountered on a daily basis.


When it rains, we use an umbrella, when it’s too hot, we turn on the air conditioning. As with rain or heat, noise is a problem. We do have a solution, but not many people are aware of this, and this is why noise, unlike other problems, has become a habit.


This video illustrates 4 acoustic nuisances that are faced every day:


- Poor Insulation: protecting a building from outside noise such as road or airplanes, or from internal noise, such as phones ringing or conversations.

- Reverberation: optimising reverberation in a room, effectively removing the “echo” effect and improving speech intelligibility and clarity.

- Impact noise & vibration: Footsteps in the staircase, or the metro passing underneath are examples of types of noises that are transmitted through the structure of a building.

- Machinery noise: the HVAC in offices, hotels, classrooms etc creates noise. This is an everyday noise problem that can be fixed.


DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE has worked on all types of buildings: hotels, shopping centres, offices etc. to implement acoustic comfort and eliminate noise issues.




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