Noisy hospitals: is patient recovery at risk?

July 30, 2018




Noisy hospitals: is patient recovery at risk? A well-rested patient has a better chance of healing. However, between machinery, visitors and all the sounds that one might encounter in a hospital, patients and staff are being disturbed, leading to higher stress, lack of sleep and miscommunication.


In fact, most hospitals surpass the recommended noise level. Implementing acoustic comfort in medical establishments is crucial, as it directly impacts patient well-being. Unwanted noise is also an issue for medical staff, who need a calm environment to carry out their job.


There are many ways to achieve an optimal acoustic level in hospitals. Although there are various challenges, we adapt acoustic treatment to the design, regulations and standards that the client must uphold.


Recently, in collaboration with AIA Architectes, DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE worked on NEOLOGY, a clinic in Shanghai, China. Both consultation and treatment rooms were addressed in order to offer patients and staff the privacy, calm and stress-free environment they need for an optimised doctor-patient communication exchange.


There are still countless medical establishments that require attention in order to help improve patient recovery and the use of acoustics is one of the keys to successfully achieve that.




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