ADEN- OFFICE BEIJING "Acoustic reverberation in work spaces"

June 4, 2018



What is acoustic reverberation? When people think about reverberation, they might say it is an echo, but that’s not quite right.


Reverberation is the prolongation of a sound once the source of that sound has stopped. When you stop the source of a sound and you continue hearing that sound for a brief moment, you witness reverberation. Controlling reverberation plays an important role for comfort in the customer experience.


When reverb has been adequately optimized to its environment, it can result, for example in less noise at a restaurant, increased confidentiality in offices or better speech intelligibility in conference and meeting room.


DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE worked on ADEN’s offices in Beijing and focused on acoustic reverberation, speech intelligibility and noise propagation. This space was interesting to work with, since there were various environments such as a reception, lounges,meeting rooms and offices. Of course, the project was in compliance with the GB codes 50118-2010, a set of Chinese regulations targeting, in our case, acoustic issues.


After the works were complete last month, we obtained great results across the entire office as balancing reverberation and acoustic treatment delivered the working comfort and productivity needed in each area.




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