Sounds WELL Workshop. It went well!

April 27, 2018



There was a significant turn up for the Sounds WELL conference on April 13 2018 with over 150 attendees from various cities across China.  The event focused on why acoustics is an important factor in today's environment, how to reach the WELLs acoustic standard - with real life examples and case studies, and ended with a Q&A.


The speakers were Siyang Zhou from International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and Jean-Philippe Delhom from DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE . They talked about the acoustic perspectives found in the WELL certification, explained in detail how to aim for that standard, while also explaining the procedures for this process.


In addition to that, the discussion touched on the indoor and outdoor noise issues to give a better understanding of acoustic problems that are encountered on a daily basis, as well as potential solutions that can be implemented in a project. This successful event helped raise awareness on issues that we face everyday, and showed that acoustics can make a difference on many levels.


Delhom Acoustique was happy to share their expertise on the subject, and thanks the many people who attended the event, and IWBI for appointing them as a speaker. We are looking forward to participating in many more educational talks in the future.




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