Eurocampus, Shanghai

August 12, 2016


Delhom Acoustique have been selected to work on the new 100 M€ Europcampus project, with a global mission to provide acoustic design, Visa of construction documents and work monitoring (project management).



A new campus for the German and French schools is being created in the Yangpu district of Shanghai. The two independent school buildings share public and communal areas at the future Eurocampus. At the heart of the school complex, a piazza provides space for German and French students to meet.


The planned school campus has a total area of about 50,000 m² and will provide facilities for 1,600 German- and French-speaking children, offering education from nursery through to university qualification.


The concept of two schools sharing a communal center not only preserves the individuality of the respective schools, but also creates a place with a feel of European togetherness.


The new campus is not only a meeting place for students, parents, and members of staff, but – with its terraced walk-on roofs – it also forms a link between the urban neighbourhood and the green spaces.

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