Building & Construction

Our work within architectural acoustics covers studies on buildings both before and after construction. And at all stages of any given project. Good acoustics should, and can, be engineered during the design of a building. Alternatively diagnostic work and acoustic improvement can be carried out for existing structures.


Delhom Acoustique is well-positioned to offer engineering consultancy services in the following sectors; industrial, commercial, offices, health, education, culture, residential, hotel business and more. 


We operate worldwide on the resolution of noise and vibration issues generated by machinery or installations both inside or outside buildings. We work with both existing industrial sites, and those in planning.


Types of study include, for example, measuring, noise, mapping, testing, regulatory compliance, reduction of noise in workshops and also in the environment.


Industrial acoustics overlaps with environmental acoustics.

Environment & Town Planning

Environmental acoustics involves looking at sound levels relating to neighbourhood noise, transport infrastructures and urban design.


We carry out statutory testing, compliance studies, monitoring and diagnosis, including projected impact studies. 


We also analyse and define remedial actions and solutions.

Wind Farms

Delhom Acoustique's work with wind farm companies covers all issues concerning noise management.


We perform...


  • On site measuring and observation : initial starting states, characterisation of existing sites in accordance with the relevant standards, characterisation of wind turbines in accordance with standard IEC 61400 ;

  • Provisional impact studies, to meet relevant regulatory requirements ;

  • Development of noise management plans, respecting allowable noise criteria while optimizing the production of electricity.

Music & Performance Venues

Our work encompasses concert halls, discothques, bars, theatres, auditoria, cinemas, lecture theatres, rehersal rooms and so on.


Our acoustic engineers provide expertise in both the initial design phase of a project, and also diagnostic work for existing venues. We can devise solutions to improve sound quality, as well as providing technical assistance.


In this domain, we specialise in sound insulation together with sound comfort and quality (clarity, speech intelligibility, reverberation, bass ratio...).


Statutory acoustic impact studies: measuring of establishments regularly emitting amplified music, neighbourhood noise.

Sound insulation studies : identification of acoustic solutions to optimise sound insulation of a venue (noise generated outside a building or between rooms); Technical consultancy and assistance regarding choice of sound proofing materials and systems.

Internal sound quality (remedial or predicitve) : specification of treatments to optimise the internal acoustic characteristics of a venue (sound quality of a room/hall, intelligibility of speech, study of resonance phenomena, echo, etc).

Equipment noise (design or remedial) : specification of acoustic solutions to reduce the propagation of equipment noise levels liable to cause nuisance (internal noise, neighbour noise, vibration problems, etc).

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