Jean-Philippe DELHOM


Founder / CEO

El Capitano

At the helm of the good ship Delhom Acoustique since inception, Jean Philippe has navigated with success and is not afraid of exploring unchartered waters or embarking on new challenges.


A true entrepreneur, he calls upon the skills of his crew to arrive at successful project outcomes.


Away from the office, JP likes to see that his beeloved bees live a happy and fruitful existence. As indeed he does for his family.

Natalie POUCET


If Natalie was in the circus, she would be the plate spinning act. Or a juggler.


At work, she makes order out of all the paperwork and admin that is inherent in running a business, especially a French business.


At home, she performs magic, tending to family matters (not easy when they are spread across the 4 corners of the globe), overseeing the restoration of a crumbly farmhouse and always having time for friends and a steady stream of visitors. And her horse.

Alexandre CREDOZ

General Manager

Alex's goal is to achieve a working environment that is safe, sound and comfortable - be it in the sector of road, air or, as today, sound.

His two passions are energy saving and technical optimisation. And when these two combine... he is in heaven.

This may explain his fondness for running and for DIY, where he enjoys breathing new life into old things.

Alex is thrilled to be part of the Delhom team - for now he can better his appreciation for good sound and restart playing his favourite musical instrument, the Mouth Harp, and be part of the Delhom musical ensemble.


Executive Assistant

"Little" Julie (she’s petite) but don’t mess with her. She has played ice-hockey for many years. It’s her passion.
She’s an expert in "calls for tender” as she’s been working with an architect for many years before (as a secretary). And makes very good reference-sheets.



Acoustic Engineer

Having followed a course specialising in acoustic engineering and then an internship at the Toulouse offices, Rémi has now joined the team in Paris. He will be working principally in the windfarm, environment and building sectors.

Like many members of the team, he loves music, from jazz to hard rock, taking in reggae and french song. His tastes are varied and without limits. An amateur piano player - it was this musical leaning which led him to become an acoustitian.

He also loves travel. And chocolate. And, furthermore, sharing chocolate with fellow afficionados.


General Resources

Lets the engineers get on with engineering, by facilitating everything else...


Such as purchase and handling of equipment, management of the car fleet, liaison with suppliers and specialised manufacturers, external work on wind farms and so on. 


Alain likes to work in the garden and is super adept in the kitchen - especially when creating italian dishes. 


In short, he is the proverbial handyman.

Laurent BERTO


Always looking for ways to improve and optimise - especially in the professional domain.


A keen mountain biker, Laurent also enjoys DIY. And generally loves nature and the great outdoors.



Vincent FILIOT

Senior Acoustic Engineer 

Based in Paris, Vincent it an acoustic engineer specialising in the environment, buildings and wind farms (both in France and abroad). 


In his spare time, and given the chance, he seeks out the sound of the waves to recharge the batteries. 


Executive Assistant

Organised Anna is our liaison with clients and suppliers. 


Responsible for coordinating calls for tender, phone calls, mail and meetings, as well as accounting and invoicing. She is the office handywoman.


Originally from Viking stock, she charms us with the lyrical lilt of her swedish accent. And she drives a Volvo (of course).


Assistant Acoustic Engineer


Tristan works in the industry and environment sectors, carrying out technical studies (measuring, analysing and reporting).


He plays guitar in a band - The Blues Suspect Band.


Also likes being in the sunshine, eating good food and reading.


Liming LOU

Acoustic Engineer


Liming is part of  the team in Shanghai, and is Jean Philippe's ‘right-hand woman’ - in terms of development of the company in China. In particular, she is in charge of Communication with Chinese business partners.


A Chinese national, she continued her higher studies in France. Graduating from a French engineering school, she completed her study and achieved a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. She speaks French, English and Chinese Mandarin and opens her mind to differences between people and cultures.


She loves travelling around the world and captures the best moments with her camera. She is also a sport fan: yoga, fitness and running occupy a big part of her free time. She believes that happiness is easy to achieve, it’s enough to be appreciative of what we have.


R&D Acoustics

Having gained his masters in acoustics and following an intership with Delhom Acoustique, Matteo has chosen to join our team in Toulouse.


Fascinated by the treatment of signals and programming, he grabbed the opportunity to apply his favoured areas to acoustic problems within our research and development division.

He is also keen on music, and after 8 years of guitar is preferring to play the bass guitar.


Senior Acoustic Engineer,

Co Manager

Acoustic Engineer, especially in the industrial sector with responsability for business development. 


Enjoys problem solving with clients, and challenging his colleagues to table football.


Not a morning person, Vincent loves bees and smelly cheese, and no longer plays a musical instrument in favour of spending time with his children.

Jérôme GAVA

Senior Acoustic Engineer 

Acoustic Engineer, responsable for the wind farm sector.


Has played table tennis competitively for more than 20 years. Also plays guitar - both acoustic and electric (or 'electrocuted' according to his 5 year old nephew).


Hails from Agen and is a loyal supporter of the S U A rugby club.

Emmanuel CHIRON

Senior Acoustic Engineer 

Mechanical Engineer turned Acoustic Engineer, Emmanuel likes to take off on a trip. He enjoys discovering new regions, cultures and food (not just in France).


Settled in the gorgeous Gers, with his wife and 2 young boys.


Plays tennis, and enjoys films (Tarantino, Coen Brothers, Jeunet) and music (Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Red Hot, Eels...).


Assistant Acoustic Engineer


Execution of acoustic and vibration studies, with reporting, modelling and simulation - particularly for halls and the environment.


Fascinated with recording studios, Antoine write his own music and is a fan of pop culture. 


Likes listening to music, travelling and generally having fun.


General Resources

A real handyman, Francis takes care of  all general resources.

With a sense of humour, he is always ready to help. His sunny disposition has a positive effect of the whole Delhom Acoustique team.

Like many others here, Francis loves the sea, along with friends and family. He likes simple things and always has some little trick up his sleeve to brighten our day.


Acoustic Engineer

Wassim holds a doctorate in ultrasound and phononic crystals. He also has experience in higher education - and has now joined the Delhom Acoustique team.

Based in our Paris agency, he is involved in its development - especially in the industrial and wind farm sectors.

From Sfax, Tunisia, he loves football and deep sea fishing.

Acoustic engineering consultancy, Delhom Acoustique, have been supplying their services and expertise to resolve problems linked to acoustics in buildings, industry, architecture and the environment since 1995.


Equipped with measuring instruments at the cutting edge of modern technology together with software of their own design for making projected calculations, their team of specialist engineers and acousticians carry out monitoring, measuring, diagnostics, and remedial work, as well as design services for the provision of customised acoustic solutions.


Delhom Acoustique, Toulouse. Central atrium

Whatever the project or field of activity, Delhom Acoustique, will use all its resources and competences in order to guarantee cost-effective solutions whilst safeguarding the maximum quality of service and supplying customised acoustic consultancy services.

About Delhom Acoustique

Meet some of the staff

Delhom Acoustique have offices in France and China. And customers spread across the globe.




Xiaolei DING

Assistant to General Manager

She joined Delhom Acoustique by destiny., after having worked in the banking industry for 7 years. Her previous background is not about acoustics at all, nevertheless she fits so well with the whole team.

Her position is to be in charge of every aspect which needs her help.

She is a natural optimist, always smiling, full of energy and brings laughter, warmth and peace to the people around her.

She’s also a yoga lover, having practiced for 4 years. And as many members of Delhom Acoustique, she is a fan of music. She is open to every style of music, from classic to meditation. She also loves baking and cooking in her leisure time.


Acoustic measuring equipment:


  • 54 Sound Level Meters (01dB, Cesva, Norsonic)


  • 16 Dosimeters (Wed - 01dB & 4443 - B&K)


  • 2 Vibration Meters


  • 1 Triaxial Geophone


  • 4 Weather stations, with tall masts for measuring wind


  • 2 Tapping machines


  • 1 Omnidirectional sound source and amplifier


  • 2 Sound systems, to check building sound characteristics


  • 1 Musical sound equipment (for the study of concert halls)


  • 1 Impulse noise source (9mm Pistol)


  • 2 All road vehicles (4x4)


  • Company car pool




  • MCGD (Acoustic model for long distance propagation),




  • Odeon


  • Acoubat


  • Analysis Tool 01dB, Bruel & Kjaer, Norsonic, Cesva


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