Senso Concert Hall, Floirac (33), France

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CUB (Urban Community of Bordeaux)

Construction of a large concert hall, with a capacity of 2 500 to 11 340 spectators

ongoing / end of 2017

49.2 M€

19 317m²

project management assistance

Rudy Ricciotti, Bandol, France

Lagardère Unlimited Live Entertainment is proposing a venue, with a stage at the front in same format as the Zenith venues.  The hall has a strong modularity and can accommodate numbers ranging from 2,500 to a maximum of 11,340 spectators (65% of which will be seated). The  set-up will provide for a wide variety of uses.

One of the main advantages of the venue is its strong architectural form, as well as the way it succeeds in integrating into the urban environment. This integration is achieved because of the complete cover of the courtyard, as well as its particularly excellent acoustics.

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